Website for Dead Head, thrash metal from The Netherland.

March 7th, 2020
As we approach our 31st year of existence there's several things going on. Even though everybody is on Facebook these days, we feel we should update this dinosaur website once in a while as well. So, here's some updates from your favorite thrash band.

New album in the works!
First off, we've been writing new songs for a new album. So far, we have about 7 songs finished. They are pretty much fast and loud as always, but we've been also trying to do some different things. Not sure what we'll include yet.

No album title yet, but we're planning to record the thing in September of this year. It's still the original lineup that started this madness. Not too many bands that are still operating with the same guys as ever. But hey, it's what we do.

Reissues coming up!
As you may have noticed, Hammerheart Records has been putting out some of our previous albums. So far, The Feast and Dream Deceiver came out in both great looking vinyl, CD's with loads of bonustrack and as well on digital platforms.

The reissue of Kill Division will come soon, the remaster is already on Spotify. Of course Haatland and Depression Tank will soon follow both on CD and vinyl. We just don't want to put out everything at the same time.

Free compilation album!
Finally, we have a 12 song compilation album available to commemorate our three decades of wild thrash.
You cannot buy this compilation, but you do get it for free when your order from the Dead Head webshop or from Hammerheart Records.

That's all for now. Talk to you soon!

Oct 28th, 2018

Hi folks!
Some updates from the Dead Head camp.
While we're preparing for our show at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, we're also rounding up the first rerelease.
As you might know... Hammerheart Records will reissue the earlier Dead Head albums on vinyl & CD.

We're starting off with a new version of our 1991 debut 'The Feast Begins At Dawn'. As you know, the original version sucked pretty bad, due to a fucked up mastering. The new version will be the original mix that no one has ever heard before, with a 2018 remastering.

Expect the following releases:
- LP version of 'The Feast...' with all 12 album tracks.
- LP version of our The Festering demo + 6 added bonus tracks.
- CD version of 'The Feast...' incl. 2nd disc featuring 15 bonus tracks.

And since we're doing some rereleases, we're also going to bring back some old shirt designs, plus other new winter merch.
Check our webshop for the latest.

Expect some more updates soon. Next year will be our 30th anniversary and we're planning to do a special show around that!

Feb 15th, 2018
Hi people, just an short update from your favorite thrashers. It's been a while. But hey, we're musicians. And not website builders.
We have some cool shows coming up, including a few with Dutch death metal legends Pestilence and some first ones in Belgium and Germany
And perhaps you noticed this video we did for the song Palfium

Cool merch is available from our webstore

June 17th, 2017
Hi,we have a new 2017 album out, called Swine Plague.
It's just been released on Hammerheart Records worldwide.

Brand new Swine Plague T-shirts are available from our webstore
We also offer Swine Plague on CD or LP and some of the older older albums.
Until we have a new website, check out our Facebook page for more info.
For questions and booking contact the band through