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The once promising band that never became famous has turned into the veteran thrash band that is still pounding out loud, blistering extreme music. Formed in 1989, Dead Head are still playing with 3/4 of their original lineup. An accomplishment and testament to their determination.

While their music displays some influences of legendary bands that have long faded or changed beyond recognition, Dead Head’s intense thrash variant is unrivaled in today’s metal landscape. The band has been working closely with Hammerheart Records for several years now, bringing luxury versions of older albums, along with the very succesfull 2017 album Swine Plague and the brandnew 2022 LP/CD ‘Slave Driver’.

2022 will be an exciting year for Dead Head, with the return of vocalist Ralph de Boer (also in Bodyfarm), the release of the brandnew CD ‘Slave Driver’ (April), the recording of a new EP and releasing a reworked and extended version of ‘Depression Tank’.

Ralph de Boer – vocals, bass
Ronnie van der Wey – guitar left
Robbie Woning – guitar right
Hans Spijker – drums