Some cool Slave Driver reviews

* "Don't miss this brute Thrash bludgeon!" - Rock Hard (DE), 9/10 * "In bondage... to riffage!" - Decibel Magazine (US), 8/10 * "If you miss the days of 'Pleasure to Kill'-era Kreator, you can put aside your woes with this blistering instalment in Dead Head's discography." - Metal Temple (INT), 8/10 * "Vigour deluxe! Almost rabid!" - Powermetal.de (DE), 8/10 * "Let's hope that the album will give them finally the publicity they have earned...

Some cool Haatland reviews

While Haatland is a reissue, several magazines have taken the time to review it. And it's kind of fun to read people's descriptions of this revived thrash album. Some excerpts:“Haatland” is an old school thrash metal record with a dynamic twist. Adding to the charm of this release is a whole other CD, containing a bunch of outtakes and demo recordings. A full package for the enthusiasts, Dutch and dirty fast action thrash in the vein of...

More new music!

Here's our latest single “Frequency Illusion”, taken from our upcoming album “Slave Driver”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Recording Studio. The artwork was done by Vladimir Chebakov.