Official videos for new album Slave Driver

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Songs from our upcoming new 2022 album Slave Driver. Featuring our new singer/bassplayer Ralph de Boer.
Of course, Ralph is also the singer of Dutch death metalband Bodyfarm. Ralph previously made the album Depression Tank (2009) with us.

Some cool Slave Driver reviews

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* “Don’t miss this brute Thrash bludgeon!” – Rock Hard (DE), 9/10

* “In bondage… to riffage!” – Decibel Magazine (US), 8/10

* “If you miss the days of ‘Pleasure to Kill’-era Kreator, you can put aside your woes with this blistering instalment in Dead Head’s discography.” – Metal Temple (INT), 8/10

* “Vigour deluxe! Almost rabid!” – (DE), 8/10

* “Let’s hope that the album will give them finally the publicity they have earned after all these years thrashing more or less in the underground!” – (US), 9/10

* “A real thrash metal hell – fast, aggressive and intense!” – Rock Hard (SK), 4.9/5

* “Their best album to date!” – Metal Experience (NL), 92/100

* “Undoubtedly, Dead Head returns triumphantly and “Slave driver” is now claiming a place among the best extreme albums of the year!” – Rock Hard (GR), 8.5/10

* “For fans of the heavier thrash metal works, ‘Slave Driver’ is an absolute must-have! Wonderful album!” – Rock Tribune (BE), 9/10

Some cool Haatland reviews

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While Haatland is a reissue, several magazines have taken the time to review it. And it’s kind of fun to read people’s descriptions of this revived thrash album.
Some excerpts:

“Haatland” is an old school thrash metal record with a dynamic twist. Adding to the charm of this release is a whole other CD, containing a bunch of outtakes and demo recordings. A full package for the enthusiasts, Dutch and otherwise.…/review-dead-head…/

Downright dirty fast action thrash in the vein of more bands at the beginning of the nineties, especially the German and British ones. As for the extra album, just wow.…/d_2/dead-head-haatland.htm

Stücke, in denen das Quartett hart am Rand des Chaos vorbeischrammt (´Supreme Forgery´, ´Murder´) kaum unverfälschtes Gedresche bieten – komplett mit Kerry-King-verdächtigen Jammer-Solos und einem Duracell-Hasen hinter den Schlagzeug-Kesseln…/Dead…/Haatland-Re-Release/

Gerade bei den recht natürlichen Demo Aufnahmen hört man der Band an, das sie verdammt tight spielen und auch mit etwas abgespeckten Sound ein brutales Inferno veranstalten können.…/7540-dead-head…

The band drastically improved their raw, aggressive Thrash Metal sound and production improved to finally allow the band to showcase their full potential, with many magazines at the time saying Dead Head were equal to that of many established names in the Thrash Metal genre.

Starting with the blistering pace of ‘Faust II’, it’s clear that Dead Head’s formula is intense, bruising and blisteringly fast thrash in a style that could just as easily be 1986, such is the rawness in delivery.…/

Das Schöne an „Haatland“ ist, das es jede Menge Atmosphäre des Thrash Metals der 2000er- Jahre versprüht. Gerade Fans, denen die neuen KREATOR-Album inzwischen ein wenig zu durcharrangiert sind, werden auf diesem Album noch viel unverfälschten Thrash Metal zu hören bekommen, wie die Essener ihn einst auf „Extreme Agression“ oder „Terrible Certainty“ spielten.…/dead-head-haatland/14888

“Haatland” is getting re-issued on 2-CD and LP with infusing production, so the all can re-acquaint itself with this magnum opus of sheer brutality and refined haunting melodies…/dead-head-haatland-re…/

Dead Head is echter een band die nog lang niet klaar is met het ten gehore brengen van zijn extreme thrash. Hoewel de band een trouwe groep aanhangers heeft en iedereen de band wel kent, blijft grootschalige erkenning uit. Maar het gezelschap blijft onverminderd doordenderen.

Need your own copy of the reissue of Haatland?
Order it here:…/dead-head-haatland-lp……/dead-head-haatland-2-cd…

More new music!

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Here’s our latest single “Frequency Illusion”, taken from our upcoming album “Slave Driver”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Recording Studio. The artwork was done by Vladimir Chebakov.