Dead Head Q&A

The true answers to all your burning questions

Q: Where does Dead Head come from?
A: Dead Head is from the Zwolle/Kampen area in The Netherlands.

Q: Is Dead Head on a label?
A: Over last few years we had a really cool partnership with Hammerheart/Petrichor records from The Netherlands. They released our Swine Plague album in 2017 and have also done reissues of several of our older albums. Petrichor is distributed by Napalm Records worldwide.

Q: Are there any former bandmembers?
A: Yes. Tom van Dijk was our singer/bass player for most of our albums. He left during the recording of our upcoming album. The name of our new singer will soon be announced. Also… Ralph de Boer was our singer on the Depression Tank album and some two years of shows. Drummer Hans Spijker went away for a while and was temporarily replaced by Marco Kleinnibbelink. Marco did two European tours and recorded one album with the band. Next original skinbasher Spijker returned to the front.
Other people who have helped us out in the past are: Michiel Dekker on vocals around 2000. And Johan Wesdijk (RIP) on vocals and Alex Geerts on bass during the preproduction of Haatland.

Q: Is there any unreleased material?
A: On the recent reissues of older albums we’ve included most of the available demo stuff. The upcoming version of Haatland will include a couple of bonustracks as well. Plus, there’s still some older songs that didn’t make it to an album.

Q: Have Dead Head members ever done sideprojects?
A: Yes. The best known one was the doom/death band BEYOND BELIEF. They were around from 1991 until 1996 and released two full length albums, that have recently been reissued by Hammerheart on vinyl and cd. Robbie played guitar in Beyond Belief, Ronnie was one of the two bass players. Beyond Belief did some reunion shows about 15 years ago, but has since been laid to rest.

ASPHYX – Ronnie was involved with Asphyx around the release of the God Cries album. He’s pictured on the album cover. There were tour plans, but the tour never happened, because Theo Loomans passed away. Ronnie did also participate in the 3o years of Asphyx show in Turock, Essen.

EQUIMANTHORN – An early black metal outfit that featured Tom van Dijk (vocals and guitar) and Robbie Woning (drums). The band released one demo (Clouds Of Death) in 1990 and performed one gig in the toilet of the old Hedon club in Zwolle.

Other side projects:
APPLE – The band Hans Spijker started after he left DH in 1992. Apple might be considered a guitar-orientated poser/rockband. They played pretty light but integer rock with great guitarwork. Now defunct.

ELISE – A classic hardrock / metalband that has been around since 1980. Robbie played guitar in this band from 2010 to 2020.

JURASSIC PARK – Hans has been drumming for this rockband from the Netherlands for a few years now

KILL DIVISION – A band by Tom van Dijk and Hans Spijker. Not to be confused with the Dutch band that released an album on Metal Blade. Kill Division played Prong-like catchy and thorough sounding metal. Bassplayer was Rene Bronwasser of C of E. They did only one gig at a music store in Zwolle.