Some cool Slave Driver reviews

* “Don’t miss this brute Thrash bludgeon!” – Rock Hard (DE), 9/10

* “In bondage… to riffage!” – Decibel Magazine (US), 8/10

* “If you miss the days of ‘Pleasure to Kill’-era Kreator, you can put aside your woes with this blistering instalment in Dead Head’s discography.” – Metal Temple (INT), 8/10

* “Vigour deluxe! Almost rabid!” – (DE), 8/10

* “Let’s hope that the album will give them finally the publicity they have earned after all these years thrashing more or less in the underground!” – (US), 9/10

* “A real thrash metal hell – fast, aggressive and intense!” – Rock Hard (SK), 4.9/5

* “Their best album to date!” – Metal Experience (NL), 92/100

* “Undoubtedly, Dead Head returns triumphantly and “Slave driver” is now claiming a place among the best extreme albums of the year!” – Rock Hard (GR), 8.5/10

* “For fans of the heavier thrash metal works, ‘Slave Driver’ is an absolute must-have! Wonderful album!” – Rock Tribune (BE), 9/10

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